Angela Is Sydney’s Mandarin-Speaking Star MC

Angela is a popular professional MC choice at Chinese weddings as she speaks Mandarin and English fluently.

This youthful presenter always receives great feedback from her clients. They appreciate Angela’s attention to detail, thorough preparation, and her genuine caring attitude.

Her instant translation skills are beyond compare (excuse the pun). She can easily translate speeches on-the-spot and will then repeat in either clear English or faultless Mandarin with no regional accent.

mandarin wedding mc sydney
MC Angela is both elegant and entertaining as a wedding master of ceremonies










Angela has a very agile intellect, having received a Bachelor of Commerce and works in finance when she is not MCing.

Apart from these outstanding multi-lingual qualities, MC Angela is also extremely well presented, diligent and confident – and makes the perfect professional wedding Master of Ceremonies.


MC Shane A :: Brisbane’s and the Gold Coast most in-demand wedding MC

Shane A’s happy personality supports his quick wit and enthusiasm.

At the same time he is making your guests laugh, he’s planning what comes next – so everything’s achieved easily with elegance, style and a sense of celebration.

mc wedding shanea brisbane gold coast
Shane A is Queensland’s Multi-skilled And Multi-talented Wedding MC

Shane A’s vast experience covers many area’s of performing – giving him the perfect preparation to handle all the different tasks needed to MC your wedding.

From staring in music video clips to television commercials, from wining public speaking competitions to national ‘Presentation Skills’ road-shows, Shane A knows how to get the party started – and keep it on track.

As the consummate wedding Master of Ceremonies, Shane A maintains a watchful eye over all the proceedings. His happy personality, easy smile and joyful approach to life bring an atmosphere of celebration that all your guests will love.

With our helpful run-sheets and speeches supplied, Shane will meet with you both to discover exactly how you want your reception rituals to progress. He will discuss your theme and the feeling you want to achieve.

But most importantly, you will both walk away from this meeting with a huge relief – knowing that someone with great organisational skills is looking after you – and great entertaining skills is looking after your guests.

master of ceremonies mc wedding shanea brisbane gold coast
Bride and grooms love Queensland’s Shane A as their perfect Wedding MC

The excitment of uncertainty

There are always 3x ‘performances’ the MC gives for the same job.

Firstly, there is the performance you plan to give.

Secondly, there is the performance you actually give.

And thirdly, there is the performance you give in the car on the way home!

instant mc tips uncertaintly
Enjoy the challenge of a LIVE event where anything can happen – and does!






In other words, no matter how much you prepare, the MC role will never go exactly as you imagine because MCing is live so it can never be perfect.

This uncertainty and risk creates great excitement for me and definitely helps me get over being a control freak.

So if you would like to loosen up a bit and feel the need to free-up your white knuckle grip on the world, start by getting into the role of a compere or MC.

A Master of Ceremonies is not a full-blown presenter nor do they need to have an exotic story to tell or product to sell.

They need to be concise and to the point. An expert at brevity.

And as a way of forcing yourself to go with the flow, being the Master of Ceremonies is an excellent way to just dip your toe in the water of live performance; where anything can happen – and does!

1) Offer to introduce a speaker at the industry conference

2) Give a toast for someone leaving at work

3) Make a wedding speech.

These are legitimate, safe, and small ways to start gaining confidence – and the effect on your personal development growth is very powerful in comparison to the work involved.

Good luck.


MC Phil is Victoria’s premier Wedding MC

wedding MC Phil
Organised and entertaining MC Phil from Victoria

From Melbourne to Perth, Phil travels the world as a warm and friendly professional wedding MC. Your guests will love his enthusiasm and welcoming smile.

The Wedding MC Directory is so proud to present the confidence and charm of Melburnian Phil.

Your wedding reception will be organised and entertaining with seasoned professional Phil right by your side – helping you both to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. They instantly trust that the approachable bloke up front will confidently take them through the evening. Phil believes that every wedding reception should be unique, personal and exciting.

His enthusiasm is contagious; your guests will feel it and want to join in.

With an exuberant nature, Phil always gives each client 100% and he’ll do everything possible to make your reception run smoothly.

Born in Australia to German parents, Phil speaks fluent German. Phil is based in Melbourne but works right across Australia; particularly Adelaide and Perth

(click for website access)

As Phil himself says:
The organisation of a wedding reception should not give way to having fun. Why not have both! I will take as much time as your need to understand exactly how you wish your event to run – and then use my many years of MC experience to make sure your dreams are fulfilled and your expectations exceeded. I will do everything possible to make your reception runs smoothly – and add those little touches of light humour that your audience will enjoy.


What’s the go with coloured microphones ??

As I was about to walk onstage, the AV guy handed me my cordless microphone – my all-time favourite bit of tech – a lovely Shure SM58 – the finest sound possible.

But this was not the same microphone I had tested earlier. This mic had a bright orange ring around the top of it making it look like a lollipop.

“What’s this?” I asked still mounting the steps.

“It’s so I can tell it’s your microphone” the AV  mumbled

“What about the number system we’ve always used?” I questioned

“Ah this is so I can tell it’s your microphone from the back of the room”

“If I was a clown, fair enough” I said “but it doesn’t match my dinner suit”

I managed to wriggle the ugly piece of styrofoam off; and handed it to the guy just as I stepped on to the stage. “I’m on microphone number one”

Since this episode, I’ve noticed less experienced MCs helplessly try to look elegant with this ridiculous accessory attached to their main piece of equipment.

Shortly after this episode, I attended an outdoor birthday celebration for the queen of Thailand – and there it was! This elegant affair hijacked by a ridiculous orange ring around the MCs microphone (see photos below)

Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?

chiang mai festival outdoors cabaret thai pae gate compere orange ring
lose the ring
chiang mai festival outdoors cabaret thai pae gate compere orange ring1
it started as an elegant affair
chiang mai festival outdoors cabaret thai pae gate compere orange ring
the compere was trying to look elegant as an emcee should – made difficult by this stupid accessory



Important changes to wireless microphones from 2015

The 1st January 2015 sees the change of laws regarding the use of handheld and lapel wireless microphones in Australia that may impact your MC preparation and performance

It is now illegal to use a cordless microphones on the current UHF bandwidth.

In short, the current frequency range of 694–820 MHz has been absorbed by the expanding television industry

Check if you can switch over your system to another range – by calling the system manufacturer or visit the website here

The main frequency ranges where a wireless audio transmitters can now work are 520–694 MHz and 1790–1800 MHz.

I just dropped a few hundred dollars updating my portable MIPRO system

I had to buy an entirely new microphone (the transmitter) and substitute a new piece of hardware in the receiver box that also doubles as the portable speaker and CD player

PS If you are looking to buy a new system, then be extra careful because, naturally there are now many very cheap PA systems flooding the market !


Lazy MCs are those that think they are part of the main attraction

Some MCs receive a justified bad rap from the public.

The reason is the emcee arrogantly starts to think of themselves as one of the main attractions.

All they want to do is make a couple of easy announcements or read out a few names. This is a fatal mistake caused by an over—inflated ego.

Instead, a great MC is more proactively involved and helping the event to succeed.

For instance, I am constantly amazed at how unhelpful some well-known MCs are when it comes to helping the guest speaker give a good presentation.

Take the other night at the NRL Grand Final post-match prize-giving. The photo says it all

south sydney, same burgess, ken sutcliffe,
poor sam burgess bending over to say a few words at the NRL grand final – lazy MC should’ve made it easy for him instead of leaving the lectern early!

How often have you witnessed the star of the show bending down to speak into the microphone?

The MC (Ken Sutcliffe from Channel 9 Sports) should’ve stayed at the lectern until the winner arrived and taken the time to adjust the height of the microphone to suit the speaker.

Instead, he left the space bare after he announced the medal winner – so Sam Burgess arrived at an empty lectern with the microphone down near his chest :(

A very poor performance from Ken.

REMEMBER: the MC is always an expert at making everyone else the star of the show; so be proactive and thoughtful enough to adjust the microphone for the height of the speaker.


The Wedding MC announces the Grand Entrance at Dockside Darling Harbour Sydney

YouTube Preview Image – Taken from the video series A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF A WEDDING MC Pete Miller shows how to manage the Grand Entrance of the bride and groom and introduce the bridal party.


Candy Tables Dominate

Sweet tables have grabbed the imagination of the brides this wedding season

Here is another variation that we haven’t seen before. The white jar at the back had gingerbread hidden in them; once discovered, they didn’t last long.

Candy tables at wedding receptions emcee choice
a classy display of confectionary that is worth a comment from the master of ceremonies

This Master of Ceremonies particularly liked the little name tags

There was no need for this sweets table to be covered over and hidden from view.  We simply managed to slide it into place on the other side of the bridal table when the cake was cut. It worked a treat (excuse the pun)

PS will be blogging soon we will be blogging soon about some amazing wedding dresses – recently there has been so many extra-ordinary designs – you are gonna love them!


Check out the difference a professional wedding MC can make to the success off a modern wedding reception

YouTube Preview Image

The modern bride and groom are all using well-spoken, tactful and tasteful professional MCs to lead their wedding reception.