Lazy MCs are those that think they are part of the main attraction

Some MCs receive a justified bad rap from the public.

The reason is the emcee arrogantly starts to think of themselves as one of the main attractions.

All they want to do is make a couple of easy announcements or read out a few names. This is a fatal mistake caused by an over—inflated ego.

Instead, a great MC is more proactively involved and helping the event to succeed.

For instance, I am constantly amazed at how unhelpful some well-known MCs are when it comes to helping the guest speaker give a good presentation.

Take the other night at the NRL Grand Final post-match prize-giving. The photo says it all

south sydney, same burgess, ken sutcliffe,

poor sam burgess bending over to say a few words at the NRL grand final – lazy MC should’ve made it easy for him instead of leaving the lectern early!

How often have you witnessed the star of the show bending down to speak into the microphone?

The MC (Ken Sutcliffe from Channel 9 Sports) should’ve stayed at the lectern until the winner arrived and taken the time to adjust the height of the microphone to suit the speaker.

Instead, he left the space bare after he announced the medal winner – so Sam Burgess arrived at an empty lectern with the microphone down near his chest :(

A very poor performance from Ken.

REMEMBER: the MC is always an expert at making everyone else the star of the show; so be proactive and thoughtful enough to adjust the microphone for the height of the speaker.


Nightlife Dockside Grand Entrance

YouTube Preview Image – Taken from the video series A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF A WEDDING MC Pete Miller shows how to manage the Grand Entrance of the bride and groom and introduce the bridal party.


Candy Tables Dominate

Sweet tables have grabbed the imagination of the brides this wedding season

Here is another variation that we haven’t seen before. The white jar at the back had Gingerbreads hidden in them; once discovered, they didn’t last long.

This Master of Ceremonies particularly liked the little name tags

There was no need for this sweets table to be covered over and hidden from view.  We simply managed to slide it into place on the other side of the bridal table when the cake was cut. It worked a treat (excuse the pun)

PS will be blogging soon we will be blogging soon about some amazing wedding dresses – recently there has been so many extra-ordinary designs – you are gonna love them!


Jakarta Wedding Festival 2012

Visit for More information –


Weddingku is back with the world’s largest wedding expo for 3 days at the Jakarta Convention Centre from Friday the 3rd of August and running until Sunday the 5th August 2012.
It will be a great chance for everyone to meet all the leading Indonesian wedding vendors who will showcase their latest strategies to take complete care of every bride and groom.

The Wedding Master of Ceremonies ‘MONEY’ shot

Good photos are still worth a thousand words …

A photo of you ‘in action’ as the Master of Ceremonies at a wedding reception is still the best way to promote your services to other bride and grooms.

A good photo should instantly reveal your personality for the whole world to see. It must imply ‘Hi there – I am organized. I am entertaining. And I am here to serve you.’

For a Master of Ceremonies this means microphone in hand, smiling and creating rapport with their audience.

'this superb pic sets the bar high - is of our Italian-speaking professional Master of Ceremonies Silvio - famous as an actor on the world-wide television show 'Neighbours

 This is 1000x better than the staged studio shot.

Unfortunately, these shots are difficult to find; most of them will look like you are trying to shove the microphone up your nose!

The next best thing is a photo of the wedding MC with your happy clients – the bride and groom.

At, we have instructed all our Master of Ceremonies to take their camera with them and ensure the bride is in the centre; this needs to be a threesome shot; like a combined effort.

Also the MC should be holding the microphone somewhere around their chest height so it is included in the photo – that way, there is no mistaking who is the one working the crowd.

this shot has generated me a ton of work - that's why it is featured in our Blog header

Ive managed to get better at this over the years – you can see my results by clicking here


Eileen Philippine wedding MC

Eileen Philippine weddingMC

Elegant and Stylist

Eileen is the bride and groom’s secret weapon for a smooth and successful wedding reception.
Besides being multi-lingual in English, Filipino (Tagalog) and Spanish, this multi-talented MC is highly organised, spontaneous and witty.
Eileen’s natural charisma will make your guests feel like she has known them forever!
As you can see from the photos of Eileen, she is a vivacious and charming host and ready to guide you throughout the entire event. She is particularly renowned for her ad-libbing talent and warm personality. (click for website access)

You’ll know that your wedding reception is in safe hands since Eileen has planned more than 350 weddings at Wedding Expressions Ltd.

Furthermore, she spent four years as a Flight Attendant for Saudi Arabian Airlines, so she knows how to conduct herself with grace and elegance.

As Eileen herself says:
I love weddings and I want your reception to be perfect like you do. I understand the importance that a MC has for every bride and groom. I will do everything possible to make it run smoothly and add those little touches that experience tells me an audience will appreciate.


We match the worlds BEST multi-lingual Master of Ceremonies with discerning bride and grooms

One of the most VITAL decisions a bride and groom have to make is
“who will be our Master of Ceremonies?

Many people will tell you that the MC will make or break your wedding reception.

To make this process a lot easier, has established the world’s first-ever online agency presenting a range of talented, multilingual master of ceremonies for wedding receptions.

Bride and grooms can watch a short video of each MC previewing their unique personality; each couple then has a choice on which MC matches their type of wedding reception .

There is a variety of different multilingual MCs to suit their particular style; saving them precious time …


I took this pic as reference for any brides looking for ideas on how to keep the guests involved.

This simple idea was very popular cause it was so easy to do e.g. take a pic using the white Fuji Polaroid camera and then immediately stick the photo in a nice large album with some nice words from the guests in the pic

Thanks Nikki :)